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Got some questions about add-ins? See if they've been answered already.

What is an "add-in"?

An add-in is a 3rd party program that extends PowerPatcher's functionality. In other words, it's a mini-program created by someone not affiliated* with the official PowerPatcher code. The purpose of such an add-in is to let PowerPatcher do something it couldn't otherwise do.

*Technical note that some add-ins, such as MabiPatch and DLL-downloader, are indeed created and managed by the official PowerPatcher team. The source code for these add-ins can be found in the main source code repository.

Why do I need one?

Add-ins provide a vital service - they allow other programmers enable PowerPatcher to do undreamt-of things. PowerPatcher without add-ins is just a fancy Game Start button. Yes, that's right, the "Patcher" part of PowerPatcher is provided by an add-in.

Who makes an add-in?

In short, anyone! All it takes to develop an add-in is some basic coding skills and the ability to read and follow directions.

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